TEN things I hate about myself


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TEN things I hate about myself

1)        I am short. An individual of  my length can be called as a tiny human being in this world. Personal opinion.
2)        I have a roundish body. My cheeks are round and so are my shoulders. I wish I were naturally leanish. But, I am not.
3)        I have a crooked nose. Nose defects runs in the family but I have a noticeably bad and hilariously bent one.
4)        I am a big time jealous bitch. I get jealous of everyone and everything. I am jealous of pretty actors. I am jealous if someone does something better than me. I am jealous if someone starts getting close to my best friends. And, let’s not even get close to anyone I have a crush on! (I blame my birth sign for it. It’s a scorpion’s inherent characteristic u see. I can’t help it. *innocent eyes*)
5)        I have this uncontrollable urge to say no to things people ask me to do or rather force me to do. It is absolutely uncontrollable. Sometimes I even understand that my best interest lies in that, however I cannot force myself to do it, my body and my brain revolts against my heart. (there have been times when I have done the same thing I have been asked to do, at a later time, when I am not being asked to do it. Strange psychology, I know! I need a shrink, do I??)
6)        I get mad so so so easily. It’s maddening! It takes me a tick to get angry. A little rude behaviour from someone ticks me off. A little show of attitude ticks me off. I am like a ticking bomb, however it’s also true that after the explosion it takes very little time to cool and the depressing realisation sets in, that I might have over-reacted! Grrrr!
7)        I tend to get bored very easily and change my mind more frequently than i wish to. Till date I have not stuck to any hobby long enough. Stamp collecting-1 year, painting-4 years, dancing-9 years, swimming-2 years, gymming-6 months, different kind of sports-on and off. This being true that I really love doing every activity above, I hate it when I have to do it continuously for a longer period of time. I simply get bored.
8)        I am very confused most of the times especially regarding my future and what I really want from life. I have an unnecessary urge to please people. I just keep thinking without reaching any conclusion. In the end I feel clueless.
9)        I am very melodramatic sometimes and I shed my tears on unnecessary occasions. However, I can’t cry when its actually serious. My tears gather every belonging they have and make a flight.
10)     I love sleeping and I love sweets (anything sweet, give it to me, I will love it!)

It is not fair if I end my post with that. State all the things I hate about myself and run away?! Naahh! I believe in happy endings! (<- the melodramatic streak in action). And to be fair to myself, let me put down another list here.

Ten things I love about myself

1)        I am short. I can easily hide anywhere if necessary. For as long as I can remember I have been sleeping in every boring lecture, un-noticed, whereas lots of other class mates have been caught. I can wear short clothes and they don’t look that short on me, they look, well, cute!
2)        I am curvy and I love it! I thank my body creator everyday for not making me stick thin and giving me curves so that my clothes fit well. I can carry off almost(stress on almost) every sort of clothes I wear.
3)        I have a funnily bent nose and that is exactly the reason why a nose stud looks fabulous on me. I can carry it off with traditional or western clothing!
4)        I love my close friends and best friends dearly. My love knows no bounds. I don’t judge them or make snarky remarks or comments at them or behind them. If I tell someone they mean something to me, they actually do. And, I am possessive therefore i get jealous if I see them getting close to someone else.
5)         I do what I want to do. I follow my instincts. There are hardly things that people can make me do if i don’t want to do it. It can be called as being stubborn too but then i think its a good thing. To stick to what you believe in and in a way stand up for it.
6)        I know how to apologise and i need to apologise to people more frequently than i wish for. I apologise with all my heart and mean it and don’t budge till I am forgiven. (point to be noted is I apologise to people who really mean something to me and to whom I know I have wronged in behaving the way that I have.)
7)        I am an enthusiast. I have had many hobbies over the years and hope that the number keeps increasing with passing time . I love doing new things It might be a simple thing like trying some new kind of food or as adventurous as zorbing. I consider myself as an adventurous person and aim to try every adventure sport that comes my way. It makes me feel alive and breathing, to feel the presence of my own body is exhilarating!
8)        The way that I feel clueless sometimes, like utterly and absolutely clueless makes me feel young, like i still have a long long way to go, to decide what I am going to choose as my career path! It is sort of a delusion, I understand, but I still love that trans state that I get in sometimes.
9)        Melodrama brings out the best in me, I find my right words that many a times take trouble coming out, I feel superfluous. So what if its a little over the top? Everyone likes a little melodrama here and there.
10)     I love sleeping  and I love sweets ( again, literally anything sweet, give it to me, I will love it.) I think these two particular qualities make me the adorable sweet heart that I am! ( yes I have a humour too, and yes I can crack jokes on my self! I am not a coward!)

ALL RIGHT!! Enough of self obsession for the day.  Adios!

10 Things I Have Learned About Blogging: Read Number 2 Before Hitting “Like”!


read it before liking, or the author might just get you arrested! 😉 oh and before you go ahead and visit his blog and like or comment on his posts, consider changing your display picture to something scantily clad 😀

Trent Lewin


I have only been at blogging for about a month.  Good times, some great people, and some wonderful writing.  I am happy to be here.  Here are my initial observations of this cool new world.

1.  The potential for people to read your work diminishes with every extra word you add.  The relationship is non-linear, as follows:

# of views = -4.9 * Ln (# of words) + 40.7

Try it (Ln is the natural logarithm).  Don’t forget the negative!  In this relationship, a 50 word piece would give you something like 25 views; a 2000 word piece would give you like 2.  It totally works.

2.  Magically, it is possible to have people like your work even if you have no views.  This is an amazing phenomenon.  It’s like people have delved into the first few lines of your writing and have intuitively gleamed what will happen next…

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Instant? or not so instant after all.



Instant solutions to depression:

1)      Make instant noodles, add tons of cheese to it, literally tons! And, gobble it up.
2)      Take a hot or cold shower and shampoo at least thrice in a row to make the hair smell less like depression.(ps: soft smooth great feeling hair is any day a mood up-lifter!)
3)      Get something very oily to eat like chicken pakoras or egg chicken roll or some fish fry!
4)      Get something very sweet like a bucket full of black forest ice-cream or a hot chocolate cake with some cool vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce.
5)      Watch a very old and favourite karan johar movie like kuch kuch hota hai or kal ho na ho .
6)      Watch some very sweet Hollywood romantic comedy like pretty woman or runaway bride or knotting hill.
7)      Watch some very funny episodes of Friends or The Big Bang Theory.
8)      Go out with your boyfriend for a long walk (long enough to cry and complain enough) and have lots of junk food on the way with hot & sour phuchkas compulsorily.
9)      Call up a very old friend (preferably childhood friend) and literally cry out loud.
10)   Go to some place very high and windy and plug in the ipod in your ears with snow patrol or Jason mraz singing some sweet tunes.
11)   Go and curl up beside your mum.
12)   If there is not a pet at home, go outside find a lonely puppy or a kitten and just hold it and love it.
13)   Go off to sleep.

However point to be noted is that, after the end of any of the activity above, the feeling of joy or happiness lasts only seven to ten more minutes. So, the truth is, the solution to depression might be instant but it disappears as instantly as it had appeared.Hence, in this world where almost everything is instant(coffee, noodles, underpants, banner etc), the question is how much longer does it last? does it go as instantly as it had come? There can be one and only one solution, to accept and deal with the actual reason and act upon it or wait for it to pass. Well, we all know how freaking difficult it is to act on it and as for waiting, that’s not in our blood! So let me ask you, what is it actually that we can do (not what we need to do) to just get out and move on from that sad feeling which we name depression?

Meet my two unrelated little baby sisters


Meet my two unrelated little baby sisters

Meet, extreme left: Harsha, left: swati.
its been over two years that i know harsha and swati, and i met them through someone. However, i met them for the first time and got to know them in a trip to a beach called bakkhali.I never thought that i will find my two little baby sisters in that trip. They are only two years younger to me but their innocence and lovable nature always made me adore them. Somehow it brought out an elder sister in me. Point to be noted here is that i have always been subjected to my own elder sister, extremely bossy and maddening at times and other elder cousins (i am the youngest in the family). Hence i never got to show my love as an elder sis! These two always keep teasing me to be so short and yet acting to be elderly, but i disregard that completely. I scold them,encourage them and give them very valid advice on love, boys, clothes and everything that an elder sis is supposed to do! However the best part is, when we are together, we laugh like mad people, literally making people scorn at us and that is absolutely amazing! Its one of the best feelings in the world.I forget my worries when i am with them. If they ever read this they are going to kill me if i dont mention that the only time they act like they are older to me, is when we drink. Because i have the capacity of an ant, and they can drink like camels! so yes, to that i will give them credit! I am dedicating a post on my blog to them because they are adorable and i love them. I will most definitely miss them once we go our own ways and wont be able to meet as frequently as we do now. To my two little baby sisters, a close tight hug, like we always do.

say cheese


say cheese

i kept telling her, say cheese, thoda smile karo babu , mere liye thoda has do. But she refused. She just did not smile. well she has one of the prettiest pair of button eyes i have seen. So i thought to myself, may be she doesnt need to smile, her eyes are just enough to make her look absolutely beautiful and this picture, PERFECT!
clicked in: borra station, andhra pradesh
camera: borrowed from someone.


clicked in vizag

clicked in vizag

Standing right at the line where the last wave came and crashed, looking into the dark sea with the next silver wave rapidly gushing towards my feet, and waiting for the next moment to feel the ice cold water on my feet again, and then it goes away, letting me feel numb again. And, I close my eyes.And, the wait for the next one starts again.

The sea gives me peace, the waves give me a strange mix of comfort and uneasiness. It is right here where i can be myself, without an inch of pretense.It may be because of the waves itself. They are so real themselves,without a care in the world,yielding themselves to the power of the wind, coming and crashing at the shore and go back leaving someone at the shore wanting for more.In that simple activity that they do , they create such sensations in their lovers. It amazes me.

I wish someday i would own a place to stay very close to the beach so that every night i can walk out, feel the wind and the waves on my feet, gather my thoughts for the day, or even better, be completely thoughtless and go back to sleep in the arms of someone i love ,in peace.