Instant? or not so instant after all.



Instant solutions to depression:

1)      Make instant noodles, add tons of cheese to it, literally tons! And, gobble it up.
2)      Take a hot or cold shower and shampoo at least thrice in a row to make the hair smell less like depression.(ps: soft smooth great feeling hair is any day a mood up-lifter!)
3)      Get something very oily to eat like chicken pakoras or egg chicken roll or some fish fry!
4)      Get something very sweet like a bucket full of black forest ice-cream or a hot chocolate cake with some cool vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce.
5)      Watch a very old and favourite karan johar movie like kuch kuch hota hai or kal ho na ho .
6)      Watch some very sweet Hollywood romantic comedy like pretty woman or runaway bride or knotting hill.
7)      Watch some very funny episodes of Friends or The Big Bang Theory.
8)      Go out with your boyfriend for a long walk (long enough to cry and complain enough) and have lots of junk food on the way with hot & sour phuchkas compulsorily.
9)      Call up a very old friend (preferably childhood friend) and literally cry out loud.
10)   Go to some place very high and windy and plug in the ipod in your ears with snow patrol or Jason mraz singing some sweet tunes.
11)   Go and curl up beside your mum.
12)   If there is not a pet at home, go outside find a lonely puppy or a kitten and just hold it and love it.
13)   Go off to sleep.

However point to be noted is that, after the end of any of the activity above, the feeling of joy or happiness lasts only seven to ten more minutes. So, the truth is, the solution to depression might be instant but it disappears as instantly as it had appeared.Hence, in this world where almost everything is instant(coffee, noodles, underpants, banner etc), the question is how much longer does it last? does it go as instantly as it had come? There can be one and only one solution, to accept and deal with the actual reason and act upon it or wait for it to pass. Well, we all know how freaking difficult it is to act on it and as for waiting, that’s not in our blood! So let me ask you, what is it actually that we can do (not what we need to do) to just get out and move on from that sad feeling which we name depression?

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