10 Things I Have Learned About Blogging: Read Number 2 Before Hitting “Like”!


read it before liking, or the author might just get you arrested! 😉 oh and before you go ahead and visit his blog and like or comment on his posts, consider changing your display picture to something scantily clad 😀

Trent Lewin


I have only been at blogging for about a month.  Good times, some great people, and some wonderful writing.  I am happy to be here.  Here are my initial observations of this cool new world.

1.  The potential for people to read your work diminishes with every extra word you add.  The relationship is non-linear, as follows:

# of views = -4.9 * Ln (# of words) + 40.7

Try it (Ln is the natural logarithm).  Don’t forget the negative!  In this relationship, a 50 word piece would give you something like 25 views; a 2000 word piece would give you like 2.  It totally works.

2.  Magically, it is possible to have people like your work even if you have no views.  This is an amazing phenomenon.  It’s like people have delved into the first few lines of your writing and have intuitively gleamed what will happen next…

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