It’s time to even the score


hahaha yes you have to give it to the guys sometimes!


The last two posts have featured helmet stickers for girls.

This week’s are for all the awesome dudes out there.

You defeat the lawn every week with heavy equipment, while sweating or freezing your balls off.  Great job!


You take out the trash, even when it smells like a monkey’s ass for no good reason and you’d rather move out.  You rock!


You’re smart enough to use Google maps, a GPS, or an atlas to get us to our destination so you don’t have climb into the shame box and ask for directions.  Nice work!


You spare us from having to touch the creepy crawly things that sneak into the house and threaten our sanity.  Way to go!


You go to the store alone to purchase tampons, for a hormonal woman who has cried at you, sworn at you, or both, while clamoring for wine, chocolate, or both, in a…

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