Beautiful things from the months that are gone..


I stumbled upon my own blog after a long long long time. So this old friend of mine started a blog, and under fortunate circumstances, I had like 15 minutes to breathe between lab work and data analysis and there in few of the first posts in my facebook newsfeed, I saw his blog, I even clicked on it, it opened easily, was easy to read, I read his posts and then the “follow” button popped up, which followed by remembering I had my own blog followed by amazing robotic memory of my computer that remembered my log in id and password even after all this time and logged me in. This post did not have a title until I finished writing all of it and finally figured out what this post was about.

Just as an update, I am still a graduate student, still living in the same place, different house, still struggling to breathe and relax between the incredible amount of work load. However, I am a little closer to graduation than I was last time, so that’s a ray of hope. I have also managed to not let Mr.C get away and still trying to do fun things to keep my spirit from dying under something called PhD.

Let me tell you about some of the beautiful things I did or saw in the last few months.

  1. I saw the moon through a telescope. It was unimaginable to see the craters on the moon for the first time in my entire life. It is true, you do feel small, incredibly small when you are looking at something so big. That thing about realizing you are only a bacteria on the face of earth is so liberating.
  2.  Sunsets are really pretty in Miami. If you want to see some evidences of it and you cannot visit Miami yet, check out my instagram (@tiyashp). So, Mr. C found this place which is basically close to the port of Miami and gives you sunset in the back and buildings in the front sunset view. Believe me, that was one of the best sunsets I have seen in a while. I was mesmerized. To sit looking at it with a glass of wine in your hand could be a pretty good Friday evening. IMG_20170217_233212_430
  3. I had a bike accident last January, and after almost a year after that, I biked again this January for about 5 miles. Even if I ended up with excruciating pain after, it was worth it, to be able to overcome the fear of sitting and riding a bike again.
  4. I went home and saw my parents and grandma after almost 3 years. The whole vacation seems surreal now that I think of it, almost like it never happened and it was all a dream, mostly because it was all over so soon, but none the less, it gave an amazing end to my last year.
  5. Last year, also for the first time in my life, I had a real Christmas tree at home. Every time I opened the door to my house, it had that beautiful smell of pine, I had never felt more Christmassy in my life. IMG-20161219-WA0022

On that note, let me bring this post to an end. I promise to come back soon with more, with a better idea in my head to write about and more words in my pen (key-board).


With love,


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