A problem named first world problem


I have recently started this diet, of eating extremely healthy, which was necessary considering my weight was increasing with a speed of a released kraken. By extremely healthy meaning, every time I look at a piece of bread, in my head I put two thick slices of processed cheese on it, microwave it for 10 seconds and gobble it up. In reality however, I have not eaten bread for a week now. Yesterday as I was eating my egg white omelette for lunch, I wanted to throw up. Guess what gives egg their taste, the yolk. Guess where that egg white came from? a box! However, I was so hungry that I did not care how much I wanted to throw up, I still ate it all. When I finished my lunch and I was wondering to myself, sitting at a mandatory seminar I had to attend, that, three years back, I would not even buy a box that said egg whites, because the only way I knew how to obtain egg whites was this extremely artistic and complicated procedure of breaking an egg in such a way that the yolk stayed in and only the whites came out, a process only experts could manage to do. Three years back, I did not have egg whites available to me in a box at a price that was affordable. Three years back I was not living in a so called first world country. Back in my not so first world country, I could grab some bread and eggs fried in some mustard oil and wrapped in a dark brown looking paper from a man selling that outside my college for about 20 cents. Oh, the satisfaction that brought me. I could regularly eat that and not gain an inch on my waist. Of course most of that got cleansed out of my system by the diarrhea that followed. I never needed a cleansing diet before. Now this could also be that I was younger and hence my body’s metabolism was different or I would walk and take public transport to most places instead of getting into a car and getting out of the car that i do now. In any case, earlier, all I knew for a clean diet was eat some boiled rice and potatoes at home. Even while writing that down I am salivating thinking of good old carbs.

I digressed, so coming back to what I was saying, sitting at that seminar I realized , even I have first world problems now. I had a problem with my egg white omelette. I am on a diet in which i do not eat carbs to shed the weight I gained from eating carbs in the first place, and going to work in a car every day, having no time to go to the gym that is available to me for free. I have a water fountain right outside my door in my work place and a couple weeks back I complained that they should install an automatic sensor water bottle filling station, something I did not know even existed three years back. I remember a couple years back , I was sitting with my sister making fun of first world problems. Just so you know, she has been living in one of the first world countries for almost a decade now, so she would tell me about all these things people complain about like not enough phone charging stations around, not enough different kind of coffee creamers available, how can someone only have 2 % milk, 3 % milk is what they are used to, they might be allergic to 2%. Oh wait, you forgot about the soy milk?! what if the person is lactose intolerant. And i almost forgot gluten, poor innocent gluten, sitting at a corner being stared at by everyone. People these days want everything gluten free, even when they are not even close to being allergic to it. Gluten is what makes your break spongy, it is not harmful. Few people may have allergies to it but that’s about it! Everyone does not stop eating shrimps if there is a person who is allergic to shrimp!

Is it okay though? To complain about such things when there is so much available to you, so much at your dispense, so many options and yet we complain. I understand its human nature to do so, to not be satisfied with what you have, does not matter how much you do. What is not okay is to do it stupidly. There must be some kind of reality check from time to time. My reality check is where I am from, my roots, it makes me feel stupid for complaining about something like egg whites.when you think of it in a  bigger perspective, does it really matter? I think first world countries need more reality checks, more than the options of kinds of milk they have available. May be sugar coating everything (literally ) is not doing so good. The sense of being grateful is so hard to instill these days, everyone feels they are entitled to things, specially when I see kids on hover boards. That thing makes me so angry. Anyway, what is the solution to all this? how do we make kids or adults feel grateful for having the options and not complain about silly things, the so called first world problems?