Another first post


I am not apologetic anymore of not writing something in my blog. As usual, I was not short of ideas but I was short of inspiration and motivation, giving too much crap about how so many other and/or new people were affecting my life and now again I am back in my phase of not giving a shit about all of it and just care about my work (which is also sometime soon going to change to giving a bulls crap to all of it). I have realized that anything and everything in my life oscillates like a sinusoidal curve. Up and down. starting from money, body weight, excitement, enjoyment, sadness, irritation and happiness. Its been twelve days into another new year and just like a little kid I still feel happy about getting a chance to have a fresh start, fresh perspective on life every 365 days. More than anything the thing about not knowing what is going to happen in the next 365 days gives me goosebumps. Maybe I am maturing with each passing year because for the first time more than making resolutions for the new year I wanted to list down things I learnt from the last year. Its not a recapitulation of all the bad or good things that happened but of the new ways I learnt to live life in a better way. lets start, shall we?

1. I can most definitely live alone. Make food for myself, clothe myself, pamper myself and in the middle of the night make my way across a huge empty dark house to get a glass of water and not just keep lying thirsty in bed.

2. I can adjust and live with completely new people , harmoniously (by which i mean no fist fights) in one house and actually be happy about it.

3. I am strong in ways I didnt know I was. I can turn my face away from the two people I love the most in this world to walk alone into an airport to board an airplane that would take me halfway across the world away from them. I have the strength to disconnect video calls and not go into fits of depression every time.

4. I can make new friends who don’t necessarily hate me. I can actually have fun with them. They even turn up at midnight to wish you birthday!

5. I learnt to deal with death of someone so fucking close to my heart.

6. I started believing even more strongly in miracles. its a miracle alright when you meet someone you could love among-st a thousand strange faces. Someone who gets you and doesn’t judge you one bit.

7. Most importantly I finally understood that its enough if you have two or three people close to your heart, who don’t tear you apart every now and then, you don’t need more. Its really not size that matters, its quality!

I dont know how this year is going to be for me. I am going to make plans again, I am going to give my all again. I am going to try to make the people around me happy again and only hope that this year is even better than the last one with newer places and faces and old ones right here, close to my heart!

love and hugs,

Meet my two unrelated little baby sisters


Meet my two unrelated little baby sisters

Meet, extreme left: Harsha, left: swati.
its been over two years that i know harsha and swati, and i met them through someone. However, i met them for the first time and got to know them in a trip to a beach called bakkhali.I never thought that i will find my two little baby sisters in that trip. They are only two years younger to me but their innocence and lovable nature always made me adore them. Somehow it brought out an elder sister in me. Point to be noted here is that i have always been subjected to my own elder sister, extremely bossy and maddening at times and other elder cousins (i am the youngest in the family). Hence i never got to show my love as an elder sis! These two always keep teasing me to be so short and yet acting to be elderly, but i disregard that completely. I scold them,encourage them and give them very valid advice on love, boys, clothes and everything that an elder sis is supposed to do! However the best part is, when we are together, we laugh like mad people, literally making people scorn at us and that is absolutely amazing! Its one of the best feelings in the world.I forget my worries when i am with them. If they ever read this they are going to kill me if i dont mention that the only time they act like they are older to me, is when we drink. Because i have the capacity of an ant, and they can drink like camels! so yes, to that i will give them credit! I am dedicating a post on my blog to them because they are adorable and i love them. I will most definitely miss them once we go our own ways and wont be able to meet as frequently as we do now. To my two little baby sisters, a close tight hug, like we always do.