Positive thoughts or just coincidence ?


When I was 5 years old my sister had taught me to wish on a fallen eye lash. Take the fallen eye lash off of your cheek put on your fist, close your eyes, make a wish and blow it away. If you cant see it when you open your eyes your wish will come true. I am 23 years old now and unless I have been too sweaty where I knew the lash is going to stick to my fist and not fly away , I have wished on a fallen eye lash. Believe it or not every wish I have made has come true. In “the-invisible-beings-who-make-your-wish-come-true” ‘s defense , I have never made wishes that cannot come true. Most of then revolved around some exam or some stuck situation in my or some body else’s life and I wished for it to get better. In the last couple of years I have started putting in deadlines for those wishes just to see if its that accurate, turns out it is.

I read this book called Secret by Rhonda Byrne (okay, I did not finish it but I read most of it) , which said if you think about what you want hard enough and strong enough, if you want it bad enough, you will have it, the world will give it to you. The world is shaped by how we think and your thoughts control everything. I did not like the book, seemed so vaguely stupid to me at that time. However I probably was part of a revolutionary group my past life, I have this unfathomable need to prove things wrong when I think they are wrong, I revolt , strong. So I decided to test it out and to my shock that book was not lying. I cannot list out the things (more appropriately situations) here that changed because I wanted it and thought about it strong enough and hard enough ( even wishing on a fallen eye lash on it) but if you have believed what I have written until now, you will believe this one too. I have not studied that kind of science which can define theories like this but being a person, a normal person whose very basic inclination is to not believe a cockamamie theory ends up thinking may be it was all nothing but coincidence. However is it not too coincidental for it to be coincidental so many times!

Think about it!


The Theory


I have only completed about 23  of my life right now and amongst everything that I have learnt from life experiences, I have learnt something very interesting and important. How you feel right inside (sometimes in the throat, sometimes in the chest and sometimes even in the stomach) when you see someone after a considerable amount of time of not seeing them tells you so much about how exactly you feel about that person. Sometimes it gives you the same feeling it used to be but sometimes you just get a different feeling altogether. It can be a feeling of irritation and then you know you never really liked the person even though you might have pretended well earlier to the point of even making yourself believe that u like him/her. It can be a feeling of relief and you know some how you care for that person. You might not be best buds and all but you care, and so you feel relieved to know the person is still present in this planet. It can be a butterflies in your stomach feeling. That is a sure proof that even if you never knew you had a crush on him/her, now you can be pretty sure that you definitely do. Another factor that has to be considered is how long you knew or interacted with that person for. If its long enough, like your child-hood best friend or your parents or your sister, there is only one feeling you get when you see them after a long time. Pure happiness. It assures you that these are the people who are meant to be in your life, forever, when you might not have any of the above mentioned people in your life. However this theory of not-seeing-someone-for-a-long-time-and-then-seeing-them works best for people you have known for a lesser amount of time. For obvious reasons of course, your mind or heart has not yet decided about the person’s long term existence in your life. Now there is this one feeling you get of surety , of comfort and calm when you see that person after a long time. The restlessness you have been having say for the last few days disappears. Be assured my love, this person is going to mean something much more than what you feel about him/her right now. Now there is just one contradiction. Sometimes just say like once out of a 100, there might come a feeling of confusion, when you don’t know if you are happy or sad or excited or relieved or you just feel plain blah or you feel an interesting mix of all the feelings after seeing that someone. What then is the significance of that person in your life? Although I do believe ‘mixed-feelings’ can be thrilling, like some of those Mexican chilli pickled mangoes which make your taste buds go nuts, makes your mouth salivate like crazy, where you don’t want to but can’t help feeling excited like a stupid person to salivate that much (you see the brain goes ahead to deduce salivating as a normal phenomenon which occurs due to some form of excitation). So someone who can give you these mixed feelings, what role is that person supposed to play in your life? May be I would need another couple of years to figure that out, or may be it doesn’t need figuring out. So these mixed-feelings can play the role of null or void for the theory. The point where the theory starts to do a dancing jiggle and jumps out of the window and ceases to exist!