Positive thoughts or just coincidence ?


When I was 5 years old my sister had taught me to wish on a fallen eye lash. Take the fallen eye lash off of your cheek put on your fist, close your eyes, make a wish and blow it away. If you cant see it when you open your eyes your wish will come true. I am 23 years old now and unless I have been too sweaty where I knew the lash is going to stick to my fist and not fly away , I have wished on a fallen eye lash. Believe it or not every wish I have made has come true. In “the-invisible-beings-who-make-your-wish-come-true” ‘s defense , I have never made wishes that cannot come true. Most of then revolved around some exam or some stuck situation in my or some body else’s life and I wished for it to get better. In the last couple of years I have started putting in deadlines for those wishes just to see if its that accurate, turns out it is.

I read this book called Secret by Rhonda Byrne (okay, I did not finish it but I read most of it) , which said if you think about what you want hard enough and strong enough, if you want it bad enough, you will have it, the world will give it to you. The world is shaped by how we think and your thoughts control everything. I did not like the book, seemed so vaguely stupid to me at that time. However I probably was part of a revolutionary group my past life, I have this unfathomable need to prove things wrong when I think they are wrong, I revolt , strong. So I decided to test it out and to my shock that book was not lying. I cannot list out the things (more appropriately situations) here that changed because I wanted it and thought about it strong enough and hard enough ( even wishing on a fallen eye lash on it) but if you have believed what I have written until now, you will believe this one too. I have not studied that kind of science which can define theories like this but being a person, a normal person whose very basic inclination is to not believe a cockamamie theory ends up thinking may be it was all nothing but coincidence. However is it not too coincidental for it to be coincidental so many times!

Think about it!



It’s time to even the score


hahaha yes you have to give it to the guys sometimes!


The last two posts have featured helmet stickers for girls.

This week’s are for all the awesome dudes out there.

You defeat the lawn every week with heavy equipment, while sweating or freezing your balls off.  Great job!


You take out the trash, even when it smells like a monkey’s ass for no good reason and you’d rather move out.  You rock!


You’re smart enough to use Google maps, a GPS, or an atlas to get us to our destination so you don’t have climb into the shame box and ask for directions.  Nice work!


You spare us from having to touch the creepy crawly things that sneak into the house and threaten our sanity.  Way to go!


You go to the store alone to purchase tampons, for a hormonal woman who has cried at you, sworn at you, or both, while clamoring for wine, chocolate, or both, in a…

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Monologue from an apparently-not-so-shy girl


” I am not an introvert. I am not an extrovert. I am shy. I can talk to people. I can make them comfortable and sometimes get uncomfortable in the process. I am at ease when the guy or girl in front of me makes the first “small talk”. I am shivering a little less inside then. I like coming out of my shell even if it is completely intimidating sometimes, my shell is not too far away and if it gets too overwhelming I do find my way way back into it. It makes me look completely hormonal probably, switching demeanor like I am on pills. I break into a loud distinct laughter in the middle of a conversation among an impressionable number of people and then get totally embarrassed and keep shut. I do give the first smile, I do say the first “hey”, I can definitely make the first move, I can break the ice, make a foolish statement and just have everybody laughing. However, in the process, I am still trying to overcome my fear, trying to win a fight with myself and proving myself that I am not an introvert, trying to just be courageous and not show that I am trying. And, You know what, it probably works! ”

– Anonymous

My gift to mum


If any of you who are reading this, have read a few of the earlier posts would comprehend by now that I am a little bit into “shitty” humor. So let me warn you, this post might ruin your appetite. I lived at home with parents for about 23 years of my life and never once had to clean the chamber pot in the bathroom. NEVER! I did not live like a princess but yes fortunately I had the good guardian angels with me protecting me from that “shitty” task.

I have lost count of how many times my mum has told me over the years that one day, one fine day, I will understand the importance of living a luxurious life at home, importance of having mum find my stuff for me or organizing stuff for me, importance of basically everything that I was supposed to do but did not do because I had mum one scream away. I am pretty sure almost every other kid at home has heard this from their parents when they complained about having to listen to them and especially having to abide by curfew.

In two months of living away from family and mum , yesterday for the first time in my life I cleaned the chamber pot in the bathroom , like with a brush , with my hand and all (no robot hands etc). I thought of my mum at least about 50 times and how happy (ecstatic / overjoyed / satisfied ) she would be to see me with my hands (holding a brush ) inside the toilet, scraping it! I could literally hear her say “one day you will have to do every thing on your own, even cleaning the pot and you will know the importance of living at home with your parents, and you would think to yourself may be curfew wasn’t all that bad!” I also remember her telling me that right then I would take it in from my right ear and let it out from my left but one day all her words would come back to me . I kept laughing thinking about it. However I do have to disagree on one thing, I do understand how living at home was so much more comfortable , a world where I didn’t have to clean the toilet but I would choose that over a curfew any day! I know its new right now and so I am enjoying it (even cleaning the pot) , as mum had said, initially I would enjoy it and later get tired of it (how do mums know everything?!) , even these words are going to come back to me later again, but for now, I am likin’ it! So mommy, because it was your birthday yesterday, my gift to you was that I cleaned the pot and enjoyed it!

Love and Hugs